Let’s build the future of financial services together

Access a broad range of high-quality financial data from banks in Chile through a single API


With Open banking being adopted around the world, you can connect your customer’s bank account and deliver a wide range of personalized and innovative services.

A few clicks gives you all the information you need to support your KYC process.

A new channel of real-time financial data that helps to automatically verify income sources.

Aggregate end-customer account data from any Chilean bank via a single API.


Here you have ready-to-use solutions that will increase conversion and lower your costs.

Get real-time data from the consumer bank account to make more accurate credit and risk assessments.

Let customers transfer funds directly from your environment.

Easy to implement

All you need is a single line of
code – available as a redirect flow
or embedded iframe.

"caseId": "estado income",
"isValid": true,
"bankName": "Banco Estado", "regularity": "12/12",
"totalAverage": 25000,
"mainAverage": 20000,
"extraAverage": 5000,
"incomeByMonth": [
"month": "2020-06",
    "total": 25000,
    "main": 20000,
    "extra": 5000,
    "sources": [ {

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Beautiful user experience

Our front-end module is easy to drop into whatever you’re building and designed with your branding. That will give trust and optimize conversion.